3 Reasons to Call an Accident Lawyer

Accident Lawyer AtlantaAfter an accident happens, it can be confusing if you should call an accident attorney. Unfortunately, many people debate for too long whether or not they actually need an attorney. During this time, their case can fall apart. Even if you are unsure about your case, we will take a look at it to determine if your case would be beneficial for you to pursue. Here are some reasons why you should call an accident attorney immediately after an accident.

Evidence– The evidence at the scene could be misplaced or not collected. If you do not have an attorney on your side, the evidence can quickly disappear.

Memory– It can be harder for witnesses to recall the events leading up to the accident clearly if a substantial amount of time has passed. It is best to get statements as quickly as possible, that way it is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Compensation-The longer you wait before calling an attorney, the chance of you receiving the compensation you deserve decreases as each day passes.

Waiting to call an accident lawyer in Atlanta can cause a negative impact on your case by affecting evidence and people’s memory. Turn to the professionals at The Blackmon Law Firm for peace of mind. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (678) 712-2453 right now.

3 Father-Daughter Bonding Activities

During a custody battle, a child can feel disconnected from the other parent. It is crucial to make the most of your time together. Depending on your daughter’s favorite activities, when have come up with three great father-daughter dates for a girl who loves the outdoors, education, or girly things.Child Custody Attorney Atlanta

Picnic- Pack your daughter’s favorite snacks and juice pack in a basket or cooler. You can drive to a nearby park or even have the picnic in your backyard. Spend time talking about school and anything else she is interested in.

Museum- Taking an educational trip to the museum can be a fun learning experience for both of you. Depending on her interests, you could take her to a science or history museum.

Makeover- You can purchase her favorite color nail polish and hair clips at a store near you and have a makeover in your own home. You can help her paint her nails and add clips in her hair. You might even get to wear the hair clips too.

No matter what activity you choose, remember it is about spending the day with your daughter. When you need a child custody attorney in Atlanta, trust The Blackmon Law Firm. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (678) 712-2453 today.

3 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Your Divorce

Divorce Attorney AtlantaThe breaking up of a family is devastating for children, especially young ones because they do not fully understand what is happening. Even though you and your spouse are separating, it is important to communicate clearly with your child. Here are some ways you can help your child cope with divorce.

Stay positive towards the other parent– Never talk bad about the other parent to your child because they can feel trapped in the middle. This is a very uncomfortable position for a child to be in. The goal is to make your child feel as comfortable as possible with the separation.

Let them express their feelings– An open channel of communication will help your child feel safe when talking through this difficult situation. It is not healthy for your child to bottle up their emotions. Communicate to your child that it is okay for them to express their feelings, no matter what they are.

Routines– By keeping your child’s routine as normal as possible, you are giving them a sense of normalcy in this chaotic whirlwind. Their life has just been turned upside down and it is crucial that they maintain some control.

When you need a divorce attorney in Atlanta, you can depend on The Blackmon Law Firm to be understanding and supportive during this stressful time. Call us today at (678) 712-2453 to schedule a divorce consultation.