3 Father-Daughter Bonding Activities

During a custody battle, a child can feel disconnected from the other parent. It is crucial to make the most of your time together. Depending on your daughter’s favorite activities, when have come up with three great father-daughter dates for a girl who loves the outdoors, education, or girly things.Child Custody Attorney Atlanta

Picnic- Pack your daughter’s favorite snacks and juice pack in a basket or cooler. You can drive to a nearby park or even have the picnic in your backyard. Spend time talking about school and anything else she is interested in.

Museum- Taking an educational trip to the museum can be a fun learning experience for both of you. Depending on her interests, you could take her to a science or history museum.

Makeover- You can purchase her favorite color nail polish and hair clips at a store near you and have a makeover in your own home. You can help her paint her nails and add clips in her hair. You might even get to wear the hair clips too.

No matter what activity you choose, remember it is about spending the day with your daughter. When you need a child custody attorney in Atlanta, trust The Blackmon Law Firm. Schedule a consultation by calling us at (678) 712-2453 today.