Testimonials for The Blackmon Law Firm

“I have known Attorney Nathaniel Blackmon since Under Graduate School at Southern University in LA.

He’s always been reliable, loyal and a man of good character. He was raised in a Christian environment by his parents & late Bishop Nathaniel Blackmon Sr. Nate’s tenacity has always inspired me to be a better person. He’s a loving father of 3 and has inspired his children to be all that they can be.

He has represented quite a few people I know and they were all pleased with his services. Everyone that he represented felt his services were done from the heart always making his clients feel as though they were his only client.

With all this said, I am fortunate to call Attorney Blackmon my friend and lawyer!!

Attorney Blackmon also represented me in my divorce in which I had a lot to lose if he didn’t build a case against my husband who was equity from my home plus my 401K. Nate was able to award me all of my equity & 401K. His exemplary service was really appreciated.”

– S.H.

“I am an active duty member with over 20 years of honorable service to this great country. In  2013, while stationed overseas, I was served a Divorce Decree by my spouse. My spouse lives in the state of Georgia. Due to being stationed overseas and my extensive role and responsibilities, it was challenging to take a 17 hour flight back and forth to the States for divorce mediations and court sessions. I was in need of an Attorney that could represent me in my absence. I was in need of an Attorney that would take and own my situation/case with the faith and perseverance that they would do everything possible to help me see this situation through with fair results. Although military law is not a commonality for most attorneys, I required an attorney that had the motivation to learn and understand the many aspects of military martial assets, benefits, military compensation, and retirement pensions.

A very close friend had recently won custody of his son in a long and extensive divorce case. This is typically unheard of in the State of Georgia and most states. The description and qualities of his Attorney, Nathaniel Blackmon III were very impressive. He is known to be always available; his legal work was effective and efficient; he provokes confidence by developing an understanding of his client’s interests, needs, and desired outcome. He is known to be personable, compassionate, thorough, professional and communicative with his clients. His vision and efforts is parallel to his client. This was the Attorney for me.

In 2013, two weeks after being mailed the “Dear John letter” (Common name for the notice from the spouse of a military member that wants to break up or file for divorce), I made contact with Attorney Nathaniel Blackmon III. After communicating with Attorney Blackmon III via phone, his qualities and devotion to my case were obviously heaven sent. He asked me if I was ready to win this case. I replied, yes sir! From that point it was persistent fight for the justice of a good husband, father, mentor, and 20 year Service Member of the U.S. Navy.  He was focused, determined and dedicated to achieving the best result for my case. He gave me confidence and he took my case and owned it. In my absence, he represented me in every hearing and was extraordinary.  He exceeded my expectation. He delivered: Claims of cruel treatment: rejected; Claims of child neglect: rejected; Claims of lack of family financial support: rejected; Home: awarded possession; Retirement: fair and equal division for both parties; IRAs: fair and equal division; Alimony: none; Minor child support: adult child.

Thanks to his exceptional professionalism, perseverance, and devotion to his duty as a great Attorney that I experienced a favorable outcome in my case and a life changing experience. I highly recommend Attorney Nathaniel Blackmon III without hesitation to anyone who needs a strong legal Warrior. He is superb!!”

– B.T.

“Nate Blackmon is undoubtedly the best choice for you family court needs. He is experienced, knowledgeable, efficient, and no-nonsense. I had no familiarity with attorneys, court, nor anything else associated with the legal system. I sought legal advice for my seemingly complicated child support issue. Nate consulted with me by phone, laid out the best options for a resolution, and ultimately conquered my case with ease.”

– N.J.

“Nate Blackmon is fierce attorney who put my best interest first and not his ego, unlike a lot of attorneys. He fought hard to win my cases and we came out on top! I had a personal injury case where he fought 3 insurance companies. His negotiating skills are unmatched. Blackmon gets results in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. My total recovery including negotiated medicals was over $300,000. Lastly, he has high integrity and genuinely cares about the welfare of his clients. I highly recommend him.”

– A.R.

“After my ex-husband filed 3 times for custody of our daughter and hiring 2 different attorneys to argue my case,  Attorney Blackmon was the only attorney able to resolve the matter and prevent my ex-husband from continuing to file. Without Attorney Blackmon’s legal expertise and advice, I would likely still be defending court filings in order to maintain custody of my daughter. I can’t thank Attorney Blackmon enough for resolving my issues.”

– M.L.

“I am overly satisfied with the performance of The Blackmon Law Firm’s handling of my divorce in 2014. Attorney Blackmon is a top notch Attorney and definitely a class act.

His professionalism, understanding and compassion for my situation helped me cope with the stress of going through a divorce with minor children involved.

I was awarded custody of my minor son. With that said, Attorney Blackmon’s services exceeded my expectations! I have made sure that all family and friends know who to turn to when they have a problem, big or small.”

– G.D., USN Retired

“Without a good lawyer, you’re at a competitive disadvantage in the system. That being said, the question now becomes which lawyer? In my opinion, that’s a simple choice. After having Nate as my own legal counsel, I whole-heartedly recommend him on a professional and personal level. Nate and his team were everything I’d hope for in a law office; thorough, well-respected, and compassionate. I sincerely appreciate all their efforts and wish them the best in all their future endeavors.”

– K.A.

“Without a good lawyer, you’re at a competitive disadvantage in the system. That being said, the question now becomes which lawyer? In my opinion, that’s a simple choice. After having Nate as my own legal counsel, I whole-heartedly recommend him on a professional and personal level. Nate and his team were everything I’d hope for in a law office; thorough, well-respected, and compassionate. I sincerely appreciate all their efforts and wish them the best in all their future endeavors.”

– A.R.

“I was going through a tough time and never able to stay out of trouble. When we made the decision to hire Mr. Blackmon I was hoping to only mitigate the damage I had done to myself through the legal system. Through his work I received more than that. Not only did he navigate the legal system for me, he was able to provide an opportunity to get my life back on track. Though I regret my actions, I will forever be grateful for choosing Mr. Blackmon as my attorney as I have been provided the chance to regenerate my life in a positive manner.”

– G.D.

“Attorney Nathaniel Blackmon represented me, in my custody battle for my son.  Attorney Blackmon is well equipped to navigate the complexity of domestic litigation. Mr. Blackmon possesses the proper mix of intellectual “know how”, compassionate understanding, and tenacity. These traits proved to be very much needed in helping arrive at satisfied closure of my long, unnecessarily contentious legitimation, custody, and child support case. I strongly recommend Mr. Blackmon if you are in need of a very qualified, domestic relations attorney.

The mother of my child made some serious false sexual accusations against me and my son’s grandfather.  Attorney Blackmon was able to prove these accusations were totally false. The mother also denied me visitation for weeks, causing me extreme anxiety.  Attorney Blackmon was able to present the custody case before the Judge in a highly professional manner for which I was granted custody of my son.  Attorney Blackmon was very accessible when needed.  He was able to keep me informed about the case and gave me specific instructions on how to respond.  Attorney Blackmon aggressively advocated for me.  Attorney Blackmon provided effective representation and empathy.  He valued my  time and he worked  hard to achieve the best possible result, which was custody of my son.  I highly recommend Attorney Nathaniel Blackmon for any legal need you have.”

– E.G.

“While on vacation, my husband and I stayed at what we thought was a wonderful hotel.  However, we were constantly urged to attend a 30 minute presentation with a promise of ‘no obligation’ to purchase anything.  We were reminded several times during our stay and even called several times by the front desk…sort of pressured to attend the presentation.    We attended and heard their sales pitch; each time we said NO, Thank You!  With every NO, they kept sweetening the deal; even bringing in Top Management to sweeten the deal even more.  This went on not 30 minutes, but several hours.  We were exhausted, tired and hungry before the 30 minute presentation turned into 5 hours.  Reluctantly, after Top Management kept insisting what a super great deal they were giving us to become a Member of their Vacation Home Plan, we accepted.  We signed papers, but did not get an opportunity to fully read all the fine details that they explained to us.  After dealing with them for a total of 8 and a half hours, we were simply too tired to read all the fine print after returning to our hotel.  We had one more day to enjoy our vacation before returning home to Georgia.  After arriving home, we read through the entire package deal.  Immediately, we sent a certified letter to the company within the 3 day period to cancel the contract; however, they would not accept it.   After repeated calling them and explaining how we felt manipulated, pressured and rushed into the contract;  they refused to rescind it…our certified letter had arrived one day late because one of the 3 days was a National Holiday, but the company said, “3 days”…and that they counted holidays as one of the days.  So, our letter arrived the day after the national holiday, because the US Mail does not deliver on holidays.  Well, we were again told NO and were held to this multi-thousands of dollars contract.

We immediately contacted our lawyer, Attorney Nathaniel Blackmon.  We shared what had transpired while on vacation and what we did to get the contract nullified.  Attorney Blackmon, handled the case and after several months, we were released from the contract.  Attorney  Blackmon was patient with us and worked extremely hard to get this legal matter settled.  We owe a lot of gratitude to Attorney Blackmon who saved us from a nearly $100,000 mistake! 

Thank You Attorney Nathaniel Blackmon!!”
– G. & M. D.

“I was in a horrible car accident in which my car was a total loss. A young lady failed to stop at a major intersection on a rural highway and while trying to avoid from striking her; I swerved and hit the rear side of her car which caused me to lose control, run up an embankment and strike a large metal utility pole. Attorney Blackmon handled my case and I could not be any happier. He worked with the other driver’s insurance company and I was compensated for my vehicle and my injuries. Attorney Blackmon did an excellent job and spared me from all the stress dealing with this situation. If you are searching for an outstanding attorney / lawyer, I highly recommend Nathaniel Blackmon III.”

– O.D.

“I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Blackmon on two occasions. He handled my divorce and when I was involved in a car accident. On both occasions, Mr. Blackmon was hands-on, professional and took charge of the situations. He guided me painlessly through each step of the process and took the time to listen and proceed in what was best for my needs. I was so pleased with how he handled my first case, I used his services the second time I was in need of legal representation and will in the further if the opportunity presents itself.

Mr. Blackmon took care of me when I couldn’t and thank him for his service.

Best Regards”
– T. L. B.